“I have greatly enjoyed learning English from Allison. She is such a great teacher, very patient and fun to work with. She is very swift to sense where I need to improve in my spoken English and will do her best to help me make improvements. I would never have been able to realize that I had been speaking many words or sentences incorrectly without her correction. Allison also acted as my mock interviewer because it happened to be the interview season for me and it helped a lot. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an English tutor to improve their English skills.” -D. Yu (China)

"Allison has worked for nearly 10 months for improving my sons' English. In their first year in a English-speaking country, I am pleased to see that with the help from Allison, they have improved a lot in both spoken and written English. By talking with my sons about a variety of interesting topics, Allison correct those mispronounced words and phrases during the talking in an engaging and natural way. In addition, she did a great job on editing their essays and we all appreciate her work. She is a nice and responsible person. We highly recommend Allison to people who want to improve their English skills, even if English isn't their first language!"-Limei W. (China)

"Allison was such a great help when it came time to prepare for my first job interviews out of college. She helped me calm my nerves and create succinct and great answers to common questions asked in job interviews (I tend to babble when nervous). Thanks to her, I was able to get my dream job and teach English in Japan." -Kristen R.

"We've used a couple of tutors for our 8 year old daughter and none of them could relate to her or help her learn the way that she needed help, except for Allison.

Our daughter actually looked forward to the days that Allison was coming over and she was excited to learn. Allison helped her improve and become a better learner.

Most of all our daughter has gained more self confidence and that is one of the greatest gifts of all. I recommend Allison to anyone of all ages as she is very professional and knowledgeable in her field."-Jennifer K.

"I am writing this as a former English student of Ally Merten, and I would like to share my personal experience with you as Ally's student. She was one of my favorite teachers ever, I learned much in her class.

One of the things I have always liked about Ally is that she is a fully energetic person. This great characteristic encouraged me to do my best in her class and love learning English even though it can be very stressful.

I would recommend Ally to people who want to learn English quickly and ENJOY doing that." -Saad A. (Jordan)

"Ally helped me improve my English. I'm so confident now to speak with native speakers and write many papers for my school. Thank you Ally."-Talal A. (Saudi Arabia)

"Ally is the best teacher. She is a nice and energetic teacher. I really appreciated learning English from her. She will help you with everything."-Isaac L. (South Korea)

"Ally is an excellent teacher with enormous skills. She always has a smile on her face and a strong will to teach everyone English. Her lessons are instructive and entertaining.She is just an amazing person who cares a lot about her students. Fun and enthusiasm is a big part of her lessons. So you are sure to never get bored."-Hülya C. (Switzerland)

“People are variables that constantly change in our life, yet there are some people who actually change our life constantly. Teacher Ally is an inspiring person with positive vibes that encourage everyone around her to love life. She is ambitious, determined, and cool. Since she was one of my teachers, I have been amazed how much she has been achieving her goals which were very clear and planned. With her beautiful spirit as a teacher, she tells the world nothing is impossible.

I still remember when she taught me how to use abbreviations when taking notes. I couldn’t appreciate the importance of this academic skill until I have used it in my studies in the last four years in the university. Yes, my story with her as a student ended in 2011, but her impact on my life has never ended!”-Maysam B. (Saudi Arabia)

“I had the pleasure to have Ally as my English teacher when I just got to the USA. She was the kind of person I needed to boost my confidence. She is patient, caring, knowledgeable and she knows how to support her students. I didn't only enjoy her classes, but I also learned so much from all of them.” -Giuliana G. (Venezuela)

“I met Ally Merten about 4 years ago. She was my teacher for one summer and I can say that I really got a lot of skills that I couldn’t get in my previous classes in Mexico. She is also a very good person and is always ready to help you. You will enjoy her classes.” -Jorge A. (Mexico)

"Allison worked with our son and did a great job incorporating his interests such as Pokemon into the lessons to keep him interested in the reading and writing. She was very patient yet firm with him when he got distracted or was not staying focused on the work. She is very professional and reliable and relates well to kids."-Bianca F.

“Thank you Allison for the tutoring. She helped me improve my speaking and writing for the TOEFL test. She is professional. We talked about how to express things like a native English speaker. She told me how to structure my essay and corrected many details. We also talked about the difference between English and Chinese (my first language). I learned a lot from this process, not only about English, but also about the culture and thinking. I was also glad that one word we talked about was right on the test.”-Huanhuan Q. (China)


"I would recommend Allison to anyone who is in need of professional-level editing work. It is one of the best choices I've made to have Allison edit my grad school application. She offered a very high-quality and professional editing service, the editing work was personally tailored to me and responses and communications were always quick. I was able to be admitted to my dream school because Allison did impress and exceed my expectations in every possible way." -Hubert L. (Grad School Applicant)

"Allison has helped me edit my papers, statements, and letters. Everything I wrote is improved in style and clarity with her help. She is punctual and professional - everything I look for in an editor. I plan to use her services for my entire career." -Thanicha R.

"Allison did a great job editing and proofing a cover letter for me. She was thorough and attentive to detail. Her feedback went beyond just making the letter grammatically correct; she also made insightful suggestions about how I could improve what I was trying to say. I highly recommend Allison!"-Dawn R.

"Her services are affordable and convenient. She gives you feedback on a draft of your paper and grammar/proofreading help. Thank you Allison!" -Famo T.

"Allison helped me prepare for the TOEFL test.

Her comments were very detailed and that helped me work on my weaknesses and get the score that I wanted. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs tutoring and any help with their papers."-Svetlana F.

"Allison Merten provides fast, professional reviewing and editing services. It's great to have a second set of eyes - Ally found typos and other mistakes in a screenplay I had written, even after I had read it through a couple times. She's fantastic to work with."-Clare M. (Screenplay Writer)

"Allison is a great editor. I gave her the first draft of my novel to read and she did great work. She fully annotated every page with corrections for grammar, spelling, and word usage. She also gave me many suggestions to improve readability and make things flow better. I'm currently writing the second draft, and I'm taking all of her advice into account. Thanks to Allison I'm confident my novel will be much improved and will definitely have her go over the second draft as well!"-Caleb B. (Author)

"I hired Allison to edit my fairly-large fiction manuscript. She was very thorough and helpful. Her feedback and time was detailed and organized, which made it easy for me to 'fix' what was wrong in my story. In this day and age where it is very difficult to get a book published, it's nice to have a local editor to help aspiring writers perfect their work so they can self publish if necessary. Thank you, Allison!"-Lori T. (Author)

“First and foremost, I would like to thank Allison for her flexibility with time. I contacted Allison a week before submitting my resume and cover letter. To my surprise she was able to meet with me not once, but twice. I was on a time crunch and so grateful that she was willing to help.

I had never met with an editor prior to meeting with Allison so I had no idea what to expect. I explained to her that I was in the process of applying for my dream job and needed help improving my resume and cover letter. Allison was so patient and extremely detail oriented. She went over the job description and asked questions that made me think of important points that I had completely overlooked.

I had no idea that my resume was just average until I saw how beautiful it could be. With Allison's help I was able to showcase all of my hard work. In addition, Allison helped me to outline my cover letter and offered great suggestions for incorporating both past work experience as well as previous courses taken.

Allison is not only a great editor, but a great person! I will definitely stay in touch and contact her for additional editing needs. Thanks again Allison!” -Danielle W.

"When it came time to edit and revamp my resume and cover letter, it seemed like such a daunting task. Allison was able to take my long and wordy resume and cut it down to one page without taking away any of the actual content. She's always my go-to when I need help with editing."-Kristen R.